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Adventies Health care Pvt Ltd is an exciting start-up venture in the higher education, recruitment and health care industry that is on track to capture the market with its unique and fresh approach. It provides authentic and structurally designed international study for students from a healthcare background.
Led by founders Bagyavasan and Manju, whom together have over 15 years’ experience in business, education, healthcare and immigration, AOE is positioned to become the forerunners in the healthcare industry, with the support of an experienced and passionate team that has so far generated multi-fold increase in sales since the company started operations in 2018.
Adventies comprises of the following brands all focused on international business, education, recruitment and healthcare.

  1. Kalai Medical Foundation hospital (KMF)
  2. Kalai Educational Institutions (KEI)
  3. Kalai Residency
  4. Adventies Overseas Education consultancy (AOE)
  5. VENTURE, recruitment consultancy
  6. Immigration consultancy.
  7. Adventies Neutraceutical division.

The diversification ensures that every venture is backed by the success of the other. The interlinking improvises and creates a chain that binds the different divisions giving the company the security that it needs to break out of the industry’s mould and evolve to become a modern, inclusive and global-minded organization.

The target market for AOE comprises of college and university (medical, paramedical) students giving a customized, more practical, personalized program to suit each student’s needs no matter what area of academic interest they might have.
We strive to take AOE to the next level by developing an integrated approach to higher education. We have a focus to combine universities from different countries to cater for the needs of the prospective students. We will focus on becoming the linking factor between students and universities. We aim to create study abroad opportunities for all students and colleges by promoting and expanding programs to non-traditional but essential areas of study of health care. Our business is still developing robustly with a creative approach to teaching in (10 areas) at our institute and we would like to mould those candidates to adapt to the international universities and blend in right from the start of their international study venture.

We have successfully created a funnel between AOE to VENTURE (Recruitment consultancy), utilizing the same youth customer which is best to continue offering students a life-changing study and work opportunity (local and global) during and after study.
We bring our competitive edge from AOE to VENTURE then to AVIATE immigration by a well-crafted, comprehensive, unique and authentic approach towards students study, recruitment and settlement. This solves the blocks and reciprocates a smooth and effortless journey for our students (before, during and after study).

Our mission in all ventures is to increase participation of socially responsible individuals through our sales and execution. We strive towards the ideal promotion of global cultural awareness, giving people the chance to experience life-changing study opportunities, all through core values of education, authenticity, affordability and sustainability.

Our main advantage over our established competitors is that we offer unique solutions to underserved markets (such as colleges) untouched by most consultancies, while maintaining top-quality, determined service to top students in the untouched and underserved market.

We have long-lasting, well-established connections with colleges and universities (locally and globally) as we have a very lean structure who are esteemed alumni of universities (from UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA). They are from a similar background from which they have made their way out successful. So we maintain and cherish these connections between local and global entities via our staff structure thereby generating a loyal and trustworthy referral and lead base.

The staff and management create a loop between their colleges and universities establishing a bonding for transfer and generating a prospective student base. We have also developed a unique educational institution which takes around 150 students every intake (two intakes a year) conducting postgraduate training in the field of health care (medical, surgical, paramedical, laboratory sciences, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, business, information technology (software testing), sonography, echocardiography etc).

Our financial projections for the next 5 years show promising growth, through meeting obtainable sales and service (in healthcare), recruitment and immigration services.


Dr. Bagyavasan Kannan

Co-founder and major shareholder at 51%

Bagyavasan is fully focused on the business and program development of Adventies as well as the promotion of Neutraceutical and hospital activities. His 10 years of solid experience gives Adventies the right skill set to develop the perfect AOE program. He has overseen the main operations of the business as well as managing the logistic team. He is a usual speaker at the main conferences we attend across the country, as he has gone through the process of overseas education himself in both the UK and Australia.

Manju Babu

Co-founder and major shareholder

Manju is focused on the legal, commercial and marketing side of Adventies. Her overseas experience in the field of immigration and as a legal counsel in India and the UK has shown the strength Adventies is sharing today. She also has her education overseas and a perfect fit to guide our clients in terms of VISA regulations, immigration policies and travel matters. Her 10 years of knowledge in legal and immigration also has developed connection in these countries and she looks after the company foundation.

Kannan Srinivasan

Co-founder and major shareholder

Kannan is an avid organizer and brings his organizational and managerial skills to manage the entire logistics team. He ensures the top quality delivery in each division of Adventies. He has a strong interpersonal skill, which helps to create long-lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers.


Dr. Deepak Pannerselvam

A well-experienced physiotherapist specialised in neurology joined our hospital way back in 2013 and is a key person in organising physiotherapy students and advising them on different opportunities in their filed. He is a well-renowned clinician with vast clinical expertise allowing him to be the source of knowledge for young and aspiring physiotherapists to choose their carrier. He has been a valuable addition to our advisory team with his exceptional interpersonal communication abilities and acts as a bridge between students and the Adventies Overseas Education division.

Dr. Jeba Delphin V

Jeba is a very positive outspoken doctor with a medical background. After completing her undergraduate medicine she joined our hospital as duty medical officer in 2020. She was instrumental in organising and managing media and corporate affairs at Adventies neutraceutical division. She also shares her passion equally in education, teaching and medicine. She joined our advisory team and was exponential in devising the project plan for recruitment and advisory division, which takes care of jobs and placement for our students local and global.


At Adventies, our purpose is to make people healthier and happier with all natural herbal based nutritional products. Our vision aims to bring in positive change in people’s health by building a sustainable business that includes an organised supply chain, effective operations and better communication around the world.


Great quality, superior standard are two things we never compromise at Adventies. We get our products from WHO certified and GMP certified manufactures. These finished goods are subjected to intensive and highest levels of inspections at our facility before dispensing.

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